Covid 19 – Special information

As Kefi Spitia is a small guesthouse with only 7 rooms, but with huge terraces and common areas, you will be safe here and your contacts with other guests are in lign with the social distancing requirements in Greece.

The access to all rooms is individual, You don’t have to touch any other handle than the door of your own room.

Mattresses and pillows are protected with antibacterial covers. We wash them after each guest to guarantee non-infected bedding. The curtains are steamed between two reservations. The sun loungers at the pool are cleaned every evening.

The product used to clean the rooms is “Safe Zone+”, recommended by the health ministry of Greece. The washing of all the sheets and the towels is made with antibacterial detergent and washed at +90°C.

Kefi Spitia is a safe place to stay and we follow the rules and protocols set up by the health ministry of Greece.